Whether it be Nissan‘s used cars or electric vehicles, we produced strategy, creative, digital and experiential for them all, and then some.

Advertising agency work for Nissan

Our relationship with Nissan started back in 2012 with the launch of the Nissan CARED4 used car programme.

We developed a sharp solution based on one simple insight: used car customers want to be treated like new car customers. What followed was the launch of a visually consistent but highly flexible concept across national press, outdoor, online, point of sale and an array of dealer collateral.

After the initial launch of CARED4, we continued to create quarterly campaigns and provide a full suite of marketing assets for dealers to use.

We also produced multi-channel work for Nissan Light Commercial Vehicles, Nissan Fleet and the Nissan Innovation Station, as well as learning a thing or two about Nissan Electric Vehicles and what gets buyers turned on.

Our work with Nissan saw us not only create a great used car platform, but we were also able to reduce their cost-per-enquiry from £100 down to £4, making it the most efficient and innovative used car programme bar none. Exciting stuff.