We know that when it comes to internal engagement,
it needs to have real substance and plenty of integrity.

From a business point of view it’s great that you’re back at work. Good for you, good for the bottom line, good for the economy. But have you thought that it might not be such a happy time for your staff and colleagues?

The brands that will survive and come through any crisis stronger are the ones with depth. Ones with an unwavering vision, strong values and a culture of togetherness.

At Chapter, we’ve always known that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, just as much (and maybe even more) than what you present on the outside. Which is why we’ve become experts at working with businesses on their brand strategies and internal engagement.

Having worked on internal engagement strategies for the likes of Virgin, Halfords, Nissan and Bristan, we know how to galvanise a company and get it working towards a common goal.

Working with Virgin Trains we helped to define and embed their brand purpose and brand values - up and down both the West Coast and the East Coast lines. We engaged staff to ensure their behaviours bring the values to life and shine through every day. We helped to recruit new staff and encourage, support and celebrate their existing teams. The ‘brand values and behaviour sharing’ site we developed for them attracted 961 Users and 1,008 Stories in its first 6 months.

We've worked with Halfords during the Covid-19 crisis to help them engage with customers and staff, and ensure that everyone knows the great work their staff are doing to help their business, and the country. Halfords supported over 32,000 NHS front line workers and hundreds of stories of colleagues going the extra mile were shared across the business, with well over 100 nominations made for extraordinary efforts. Something any company would be proud of.

Through recent experience working with our clients to create dedicated Covid-19 engagement strategies, we've compiled a list of 5 1/2 top tips that will be useful for companies welcoming staff back to work.

We know that when it comes to communications, customers can sniff a brand out. If there’s no substance to the way you do business, there will be no substance in what you say. And if that’s the case, why should anyone believe you?


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